Ace Personnel values continual learning, and helps people to advance their education.

Two of our core values are Innovation and Evolve. These values are pillars of our business, and are a key reason why we encourage continuing education for our associates. Knowledge is power, and in our industry, it is key to keeping up with the ever changing demands of the work place.

Many large corporations believe in investing in education - so much, in fact, that they’ve dedicated foundations to sponsor scholarships for students. These organizations offer great opportunities for high school, and sometimes college students, to win money to help pay for their dream school.

Employer tuition reimbursement programs are benefits that are a win-win for every party involved in the workplace. For employers, these tuition assistance programs help to build stronger loyalty and longevity among their workforce to ensure high retention rates of qualified employees on their payroll. On the flip side, employee tuition assistance enables students to go to college to further their knowledge and skills while still maintaining employment. In addition to tuition costs, some employers will also provide the funding needed to cover additional expenses for fees, lab supplies and textbooks. Since employers know that having a solid education is the major key towards succeeding in a job, thousands of companies worldwide offer tuition assistance programs.  (SOURCE: GVC)

Those employees who show the initiative to develop their skills with our online tools are also eligible for our scholarships. For more information, see how we use innovation to offer associates a competitive edge in the job market.