Skills Certification

Ace Personnel values innovation. We leverage technology to create tools that become value-adds for our associates, as well as our clients. One area we focus on is Skills Certification - we take the initiative to train associates in various skill sets, so you don't have to. Some of our programs include:


ThinkSafety- an app that rewards employees for being safety certified. ThinkSafety provides short online safety modules to be completed quarterly to keep employees up-to-date on workplace safety standards. Employees may choose to take an optional Forklift practical following the modules. The app also includes opportunities for skills certification.


Career Path- an online training portal linking Ace associates with opportunities for online skill certification across multiple industries, including Manufacturing, Clerical, Science, Tech/ IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Legal, Business/Accounting, Sales, Restaurants, and Landscaping. Career Path will be launched in January 2019.



Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to placing associates. Among others, we work with high schools, trade schools, refugees, and veterans. Ace leverages an in-depth screening process with both associates and clients to ensure placements that maximize opportunities for both sides.

The certification and screening tools we have created has allowed Ace to partner with high schools to connect young talent with local businesses. Online training courses in a multitude of areas simplify our training, while giving a comprehensive experience to the high school students we work with.